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Travelling Hainan,you have an unique opportunity to find out and buy some tropical handicrafts made from local materials such as Coconuts,sea shells crystal and pearl.Not only there are numerous categories of handicrafts for you to choose,but every kind,no matter sea or mountain products is unique.

Most of all, Hainan is famous as a source of shells. Some lovely pieces and decorations are made using sea products. Sea water pearls are especially well known and widely available throughout the island. The best ones though, are in Sanya, although as this is the most popular tourist spot prices here can be higher than elsewhere. If you shop around away from the main tourist thoroughfares, you may pick up a bargain.

Local products such as coffee, pepper and coconut candies are widely available and make interesting souvenirs. As the commercial center of Hainan, Haikou has commodities for sale from all over the island. The traditional folk markets around the back streets are the best places to pick up a bargain. The fruit and fish markets are other good places to purchase a bit of the action! The great area to pick up some fine crystal- is from one of the stalls and shops around the crystal mine in North of Sanya. In Tongzha and the Highlands, the most interesting purchases are the local handicrafts of the Li and Miao people including silver jewelry, embroidery and other textiles.