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Whenchang Chicken
Whenchang Chicken is named after the city in which it is originally produced.The chicken are home-breed with special feed and are selected.With elaborate cooking and best season,it looks good,tastes good and has been one of the favourite dishes with the Chineses as well as the foreigners.

Dongshan Mutton
It was first produced in Dongshan town .Tasty and tender.It is a delicacy.

Jiaji Duck
Jiaji Duck is a local delicacy produced in Jiaji Town of Qionghai County.The ducks are well-feed and can be cooked freely for a tender and delicious taste.

Hele Crab
Hele Crab is produced in Hele town of Wanning Country.It has long life span and nutrition.Those which grow up at the confluence of fresh water and sea are most tasty.