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Survey Travelling Hainan,you have various types of accomodation to choose.Generally, there are over
300 hotels throught Hainan Island,which locate at all the tourism cities or hot sights. At five or four star hotels,splendid designed and decorated,there are hundreds of luxurious rooms such as presidential suit
- es,deluxe executive suites,high grade suites and standard rooms with modern central system for you.In
addition, to meet the demonds of different guests and tourists,there are commercial center and good conf
- erence facilities,a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment center and so on. At common hotels,the full
facilities could provide you a good rest and recreation and some of them maybe posses bussiness facilities
or amusement center. So, no matter you are guests or tourists the hotels in Hainan are ideal accomodation offering clients quality service both in tours and businesse.